RETAIL REVAMP – Old Navy Jacket



It never fails that every Fall my sewing projects become few and far between. Between work, my family, travel and football season, it gets difficult to find sewing time on the weekends. However, I recently found time for a quick and easy make-it-your-own project for my daughter.

Inside, I’ll share a little more about this easy retail revamp of an Old Navy clearance jacket. Continue reading

RETRO VIBES – Simplicity 1284

Hi Y’all! I know it’s been a while since I’ve posted but life has…happening. In late July I traveled to India on business and in August, Hurricane Harvey happened. With all the hustle and bustle and chaos, I just haven’t had much time to develop sewing plans or even sew.

To bring you all up to speed, my trip to India was business as usual (I’ve been a million times) and Hurricane Harvey was a chaotic, flooding -rainy mess. The good news is, slowly but surely my life is starting to get back to normal.

Any who….while sitting around waiting for the hurricane to pass, I managed to sneak off to my sewing room. Since no one could venture out into the streets and decided to look through my fabric stash for some inspiration. I stumbled upon this nice Ponte knit that I bought last Fall. I originally intended to use this fabric to sew Simplicity’s 8243 but I wasn’t in the mood for pants and decided to utilize Simplicity’s 1284. Continue reading


STILL HACKING – Simplicity’s 8376


I’ve never sewn an entire pattern collection but Simplicity’s Pattern Hacking collection hasn’t disappointed me yet and I feel like I could go all the way on these jewels.

As previously mentioned, the Pattern Hacking collection includes four base patterns. Each is a blank canvas for your creativity and can be used to create a full wardrobe with dresses, tops, cardigans and pants.

Previously, I featured Simplicity’s 8375 and Simplicity’s 8378. Inside I’ll show you my version of Simplicity’s 8376. Also as an added bonus, you’ll see another version of Simplicity’s 8378 that I created for myself. Continue reading

PATTERN HACKING – Simplicity 8378

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again…I love pattern hacking. Simplicity’s Pattern Hacking collection hasn’t disappointed me yet. The four base patterns are blank canvas for your creativity and can be used to create a full wardrobe with dresses, tops, cardigans and pants.

Previously, I featured Simplicity’s 8375 and inside I’ll show you the version of Simplicity’s 8378 I created for my client/friend DeLynda. Continue reading



It’s rare I sew for someone other than my kids, husband or myself. However, my girl Bubbling Brooke lucked up. During one of my many pattern hauls, I purchased McCall’s 7533. Just as I was about to cut the pattern, I realized I had the wrong size. After I got over my flub, felt the urge to ‘pay-it-forward’ and do something generous for someone well-deserving.

Now, whether Brooke knows it or not, I owe her. She was the first person I confided in about my blog aspirations. Being her usual insightful and intuitive self, she listened and encouraged me to start my blog. I felt like there was no better way to show my appreciation than to gift her with a garment made with gratitude.

Inside I’ll share with you my experience sewing for someone else and opinion of McCall’s 7533. Continue reading

PATTERN HACKING – Simplicity 8375


Hi Ya’ll. As you know, I love a good pattern hack. Nothing is more fun and challenging than ‘making it your own.’ Well, Simplicity has made pattern hacking a little easier with the release of their Pattern Hacking collection. The collection features four base patterns to create dresses, tops, cardigans and pants.

For me, pattern hacking is every sewers’ dream. Big or small, I love making tweaks to a pattern so that I can make it my own.

Inside, I’ll show you my version of Simplicity’s 8375 Patterning Hacking. Continue reading

BIRTHDAY DRESS – Pattern Hacking

Birthdays are a big deal. Every year, I try to take some time to reflect on my life and where I’m headed. As I began my tradition of reflecting, I realized how special this birthday was to me. Not because of my new age or chapter but because of the way I felt. This year I finally realized how happy I am. I have a good career, my children are happy and healthy, I have the best relationship with my husband and the list goes on and on. I have so many things in my life that bring me a sense of peace, joy and happiness.

To celebrate this happiness epiphany, I decided to make myself a little birthday ensemble. It was my way of outwardly expressing the joy I felt deep down. In this post, I’ll share with you my pattern hack and fabric selection for my birthday celebration. Continue reading


What’s ‘athleisure’ wear? It’s fashionable athletic and loungewear (leisure wear) meshed together. Simply put, if athletic and loungewear married and had a baby; it would be called athleisure wear.

I don’t know about you but nothing is more comfortable and cute than the versatile athleisure wear. It’s perfect for lounging, running errands and working out. This pattern gave me the opportunity to create my first DIY athleisure wear garment and inside I’ll share with you my experience and opinion on McCall’s 7610. Continue reading

MY 1st MIMI G FOR SIMPLICITY – Simplicity 8123

Hi Ya’ll. Every sewist knows about Mimi G (unless you’ve been hiding under a rock.) She is a rock star in the sewing world. Over the past few years, she’s gone from a DIY YouTuber to sewing guru. I have mad respect for her skills and business mind.

As much as I enjoy her work, I had never made one of her Mimi G for Simplicity patterns. I’ve probably watched all of her sew-alongs but never actual made one. Crazy, right? Well, during one of JoAnn’s Simplicity Patterns ‘5 for $5’ sales I picked up some new and some older patterns from her collection and finally decided to give one a try. In this post, I’ll share with you my opinion and experience with Simplicity’s 8123 pattern. Continue reading


Hi Ya’ll. Lately I’ve been thinking about expanding my sewing repertoire and branching out into the world of indie patterns. I’ll admit I’ve always been a little hesitant about using indie patterns. I just felt like I had a thousand questions that needed answers before I could comfortably venture away from the Big 4.

Well, I finally mustarded up the courage to test the ‘indie pattern waters’ and gave Sorbetto by Colette Patterns a try.

Inside, I’ll share with you my opinion and experience with my first indie and PDF pattern. 👉🏾 Continue reading