This week I did some tailoring to a store bought skirt using a rolling hem foot. This was new feat for me as this was my first time using this foot attachment.



I bought my Peter Nygard maxi skirt from Dillard’s on clearance for about $13 (Retails $99.) I tried it on in the store and noticed it wasn’t quite a maxi skirt on my tall frame. But I couldn’t pass it up and I felt confident I could change this maxi into a midi. Plus, it gave me a reason to try out one of the new foot attachments I purchased from


Intermediate. I watched about five YouTube videos on how to use this foot and it looked really easy and manageable. Before taking a stab at my garment, I tested the foot out on some scraps. Let me be honest, it was not that easy. The challenge was maneuvering the fabric in the slot and keeping it there. Maybe it was the fabric but I almost threw in the towel (or fabric.) After several test runs, I finally got it right.



The fabric was a polyester blend. It has a dull sheen and is slipper like satin. I believe this contributed to my challenges with the foot.


I shorten the length of my skirt to about 29” which is midi length for me.



Rolling Hem Foot. Not sure about the millimeter size. I bought the set from Amazon and it was the 2nd to largest rolling hem foot in the kit.

41ypc85zvdl__sy300_LESSONS LEARNED

Take your time and practice, practice, practice.


I love the idea of not measuring my hems with a seam gauge, folding and pressing but I think this foot may work best on a more controllable fabric. I’m glad it turned out well despite my initial frustrations.

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