The showcase this week is Simplicity’s 8178 pattern. I was originally drawn to the straight leg jumpsuit but with the temperamental Texas temperatures as of late, I found myself redirected towards the jacket. This jacket felt like the perfect option to stay comfortable in the ever-changing Texas weather.


Simplicity’s 8178 pattern contains a crisscross bodice jumpsuit with two pant leg variations, a dress and jacket. The recommend fabrics are lightweight woven fabrics for the jumpsuit and dress and medium weight woven and knit fabrics for the jacket. I made the jacket from View D.


Easy/Average. It has very short instructions that are easy to follow. There is quite a bit of hand-sewing to secure the yoke and hem the bodice. I decided to add lining, which is why I noted the skill level as easy/average. However, if you follow the pattern as presented, it’s considered easy.


Lightweight denim for the exterior and cotton shirting for the lining. Both fabrics were purchased at JoAnn’s.


I lengthened the bodice by 2 inches to accommodate my tall frame. I also added lining and shorten the full length sleeves to ¾ sleeves.




Read all the instructions before sewing, especially if you’re making modifications. Reading the instructions is crucial and it helps to set expectations. Because I didn’t read ALL the instructions, I had some challenges securing the lining around the neckline. I probably should have removed this section while cutting the lining, especially since most of the lining around this area couldn’t be seen after attaching the yoke. The positive to this was that it added more structure to the collar.


I liked the pattern and received several complements when I wore it this week. I also think my fabric selection makes this really versatile. It can be worn for at your 9-5 and on the weekends. Plus, it’s a great transition piece for Spring. I would make it again but I probably won’t make another anytime soon as the hand stitching is not my favorite.

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