Hi Ya’ll. This past weekend I conquered my fear of crepe de chine! Yes, that slippery, temperamental crepe heeded to my will. Okay, okay, a little dramatic but that’s how I was feeling when I completed this garment. Here’s how it really went down… I was tidying up my sewing oasis a few weeks ago and rediscovered some fabrics in my stash I had purchased awhile back. Well I started to feel a little guilty for not using them sooner. So I began rummaging through my pattern drawers and pulled out Simplicity 8216. It just so happened this pattern allowed me to test the waters with crepe de chine.


Simplicity Pattern 8216 contains two dress and two tunic tops. This pattern is best suited for lightweight flowy material like rayon challis, crepes, etc. What drew me to this pattern was the cute little bow around the neckline in View C.


Easy/Average. This top requires about 8 pieces, which I think is a lot for a top. It also requires some knowledge of cuff construction for sleeves as well. This is for someone who has a few tops under their belt.


I used a crepe de chine purchase from Hancock Fabrics during their ‘going out of business’ sale last year. I think I paid less than $4/yard.


I added 2 inches of length through the waist of the bodice and 4 inches to the sleeves. I also decided against the cuffs at the last minute and encased the sleeve opening with elastic instead.(Don’t judge me.)




Needles. It’s important to use the appropriate needles for you fabric weight. I began using an 80/12 and I started feeling tugs while sewing. I switched the needle out for a 70/10 and it began to feed through the machine smoothly.


This was my first time working with crepe de chine so I was a little nervous about the turnout. The fabric is pretty but I loathe the slipperiness of it. The pattern is adorable but I don’t see myself making it anytime soon. Blame it on the fabric! However, I love the fluidness of the top and the endless possibilities of the bow. I also like the slight sheerness in the fabric, which will still keep it wearable for Spring.

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