Hi Ya’ll. FINALLY! I finished my dress!


The dress I created is inspired by a Christian Dior denim dress. I scoured the internet for the original but had no luck on finding the exact dress Kandi wore. I was able to find a similar custom made CD dress worn by Rhianna so I believe Kandi’s also may have been a custom made. Nonetheless, the inspiration dress is dark denim with a semi-fitted bodice, exposed zipper, short gathered skirt and applique on the upper bodice. I love this dress because it’s a simple silhouette that’s versatile.

I didn’t have an exact pattern on hand, so I drafted my own.


Semi-Drafted and Freehand. For the semi-drafted bodice, I referenced two commercial patterns to get the shape I wanted. Alterations included shortening the bust dart, modifying the collar, eliminating the back seam, creating a front seam and reducing the sleeve cap. Since I referenced a commercial pattern, I did a muslin mockup first to ensure I liked the fit.

The skirt was freehand. You can find several no pattern gather skirt tutorials on YouTube. For the most part, I kept the basic components of the dress and added pockets


I thought of using denim but I wanted a more ‘lax and luxe’ feel so I selected a linen blend. The fabric was purchased from Fabric.com. I had a no luck finding a 20”+ non-separating metal zipper at my local fabric stores and ended up purchasing what I needed from Amazon. The applique was purchased from High Fashion which is a local high end fabric store.


After my 3rd fitting, which was after installing the zipper, I realized I needed to take in the waist quite a bit. I was able to shave off about 2 inches but I wish I could have taken 3 inches. The bodice felt a bit big in the two prior fittings but I didn’t want to adjust it before adding the closure.   I think the issue with the sizing was related to the fabric weight of the muslin verses the linen blend. The good news is I was able to get the fit close enough.


This was my first time sewing applique. So I went to YouTube for a how-to. It was much easier than expected.


None…yet. I think I understand why the muslin fitting was better than the final fittings but I don’t know how to overcome this in the future. I’ll need to do some research on this. I just assumed since the fabrics were both non-stretch and woven, it would yield the same results.


I love this dress and I can’t wait to wear it. I already purchased some cute espadrilles to wear with it. I will be making another soon. I’m seriously thinking of making one for my daughter since I have a little more than a yard of left. This dress was a labor of love and has resurfaced my DIY bug.

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