Hi Ya’ll. After working on my last project, I found myself looking for a super easy sewing project. I began combing through my pattern drawer and I stumbled on Simplicity 2404.

I first used this pattern back in August 2014. It was also my first Simplicity pattern and as I held it in my hand, I remembered how anxious I felt making this pattern the first time. It felt like a thousand pieces and super advanced with all the darts, facing and the infamous invisible zipper. I laughed at myself and decided to take another stab at it.


Simplicity Pattern 2404 contains a sheath dress with sleeve and collar variations. This pattern is best suited for light to medium weight suiting fabrics such as twill, lightweight linen, sateen, poplin, cotton blends etc. It comes with cup size and fit variations. I created View B.


Easy. (Back in 2014, I would have rated this as hard.) The directions and visuals are easy to follow. Matter of fact, I really didn’t need them the 2nd time around.


I used 100% cotton fabric I purchased from Hobby Lobby last summer.


I added 2 inches of length through the waist of the bodice and 4 inches to the hem.


I added bias binding to the slit in the back and the facing on the collar. The weight of the binding actually helped to lay the facing down.


Perception. It’s amazing how our perception of things change as we become more skilled. I look forward to looking back at what I call “difficult” today. Growth is a beautiful thing.


I thoroughly enjoyed remaking this pattern. I definitely brought back memories. It also took less time. Would I make this pattern a third time? Absolutely. The fabric options are endless and it’s also perfect to wear in the office for spring and summer. Some things are better the 2nd time around and my 2nd go round at Simplicity 2404 is no exception.

Hope you all enjoyed. Please like, comment and follow.