Hey Ya’ll!! This year one of my sewing goals was to make a couple garments for my husband. I wanted to challenge myself and show my favorite guy some love. Since I’m not experienced in menswear, I decided to start off small and make my love some shorts.

I can’t explain how fun it was to collaborate with my husband on this sewing project. From picking out fabric and notions and going through the fitting process, it was a great way to incorporate him in my favorite pastime. Not only did I gain more insight on his personal style but he also got an opportunity to see how much work goes into making a garment. Inside I’ll show you how I used McCall’s 6973 to create my first pair of men’s shorts.


McCall’s 6973 is one of the few menswear patterns offered by McCall’s. The pattern features  pull over tops and drawstring shorts. For the tops, the pattern is suitable for moderate stretch knits. For the shorts, the pattern is suitable for non-stretch fabrics like cottons and denim. We decide on making a modified view F.


Easy/Average. This is rated by McCall as easy but if you’re new to install fly zippers, then you may consider this pattern average or moderate. This was my first time installing a fly zipper and I found the instructions difficult to follow. To ensure I didn’t mess up, I watched a couple videos on YouTube.


For this project, we decide to use a linen blend fabric from Fabric.com. I can’t tell you how insistent my husband was on choosing this bright orange. I decided not to line the pockets with the linen and choose an Ankara print cotton. The Ankara fabric came from my remnant basket.


  1. Pockets – My husband didn’t like the cargo pockets on the side. So I cut out an additional pocket and made the side pockets into back pockets.
  2. Elastic Waistband – He didn’t want an elastic waistband either so I reduce the waist to create a fitted waistband. I also added an extension so I could install a button closure. This was the most challenging part. I had to reduce the waistband from the center of the partner piece in order not to disturb the front pockets. I wore my husband out with fittings. I think we had five of them to ensure the waist was narrow enough.
  3. Darts – Since I modified the waist band, I also added waist darts in the back to improve the fit.
  4. Belt loops – I added 7 belt loops to complement the fitted waistband.




It is hard to modify an elastic waistband into a fitted waistband. I had no idea how much adjusting and fitting was required to change this element.


My husband really liked the shorts and the creative process. He had a million ideas once he started to see the shorts come to life. I also like the shorts and felt like the fabric was perfect for Houston weather. I even began to like his color selection. Although we both liked the end product, I won’t be making this pattern again. I’d rather us another pattern that contains a fitted waist.

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