Hi Ya’ll. These past few weeks have been hectic and last week I just didn’t have the time to post. Not only was I getting my family ready for Easter but I was also dealing with quarter end activities at my job. Nonetheless, I’m super excited to feature my littlest lamb in New Look’s 6355.


New Look 6355 features a toddler dress with lengths and sleeve variations. It also features bow and trim options. For this project I decided to make View C with a few modifications.


Average. The directions were fairly easy to follow if you read the instructions and carefully review the diagrams. Beware…the bodice is fully lined, the skirt contains a ruffled tulle slip and there are lots of gathers and a little bit of hand stitching.


For the exterior, I used cotton fabric I purchased from Hobby Lobby. For the lining, I used broadcloth purchased from JoAnn’s.


I did not use tulle for the ruffles on the slip and I moved the bow from the shoulder to the center front.




Tulle is evil! Initially, I did purchase the tulle for the slip but I struggled horribly. I just could not get the fabric to behave. After about 2 hours of frustration, I used the leftover broadcloth to complete the ruffle. Tulle-1; Brandi-0


This dress really threw me for a loop. When I first reviewed the pattern instructions, I just knew the lining was going to get to me. Surprisingly, it didn’t. It was actually the easiest part. As I mentioned above, the tulle slip was the real booger. But regardless of the challenges, I was committed to making my daughter a beautiful Easter dress. She looked so adorable. She knew she was wearing something dressy because she kept smiling and twirling. I literally had to chase her down a few times to get her out of it so I could finish. Overall, I really liked this pattern and would consider making it again…without tulle!

NOTE: This pattern does not include bloomers. The pattern for these bloomers can be found here.

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