Birthdays are a big deal. Every year, I try to take some time to reflect on my life and where I’m headed. As I began my tradition of reflecting, I realized how special this birthday was to me. Not because of my new age or chapter but because of the way I felt. This year I finally realized how happy I am. I have a good career, my children are happy and healthy, I have the best relationship with my husband and the list goes on and on. I have so many things in my life that bring me a sense of peace, joy and happiness.

To celebrate this happiness epiphany, I decided to make myself a little birthday ensemble. It was my way of outwardly expressing the joy I felt deep down. In this post, I’ll share with you my pattern hack and fabric selection for my birthday celebration.


In the 4+ years I’ve been sewing, I’ve never deliberately made myself a birthday outfit. But this year I made a conscience effort. First, I made brocade shorts using Vogue Pattern 9008 (View A) but the shorts were too short and I had other fit issues. Unfortunately, it went into the sewing graveyard. Well, the following Monday I wore the Simplicity 2404 dress I made in this post and remembered how much I loved the fit and cut of the bodice. Then the perfect pattern hack came to me. I could use the same bodice and make a long maxi dress.


Easy/Average. I followed the instructions of the pattern for the bodice as presented, stopping after attaching the armhole facing so that I could attach my skirt. I cut my skirt in three pieces so that I could align the side seams and back seam. I gathered the skirt to fit, inserted my zipper and finished off the neck and front facing. The skirt was a basic gathered maxi skirt. You can find several DIY YouTube videos on maxi skirts.


I used 100% cotton purchased from Hobby Lobby. I loved the fabric’s mint, pink and gold tones.



Although I have a  high waist, I wanted to ensure the bodice fell just under my bust. This required for me to add an inch to the bottom of each bodice piece.




As you can see, I really love Simplicity 2404. It’s sad that it’s no longer in print. I really loved the fabric as well. This whole ensemble allowed me to bronze myself to an oblivion

As for my birthday, I had a great day and enjoyed my night out with my husband.

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