I’ve never sewn an entire pattern collection but Simplicity’s Pattern Hacking collection hasn’t disappointed me yet and I feel like I could go all the way on these jewels.

As previously mentioned, the Pattern Hacking collection includes four base patterns. Each is a blank canvas for your creativity and can be used to create a full wardrobe with dresses, tops, cardigans and pants.

Previously, I featured Simplicity’s 8375 and Simplicity’s 8378. Inside I’ll show you my version of Simplicity’s 8376. Also as an added bonus, you’ll see another version of Simplicity’s 8378 that I created for myself.


Simplicity’s Pattern Hacking collection was released earlier this year as a part of the Spring and Summer collections. Simplicity’s 8376 features one base pattern with three hybrids. Since the pattern is very basic, the options are endless for modifications and various print selections.

This pattern is only suitable for knits.


Very Easy. If you’ve sewn Simplicity’s 8375, then sewing this top will be a breeze. It’s very straight forward and only takes about an hour to sew.


I used Jersey knit for both tops. The floral print is a cotton jersey knit that can be found at Fabric.com or at girlcharlee.com. The tribal print was a polyester jersey knit from fabric.com


Twin needle. I used the twin needle to finish the hem of the bodice and sleeves. I love using the twin needle on knits because it gives it a more professional look and also finishes the edges.


I added two inches of length in the bodice to accommodate my tall frame.




I love a comfy t-shirt and this pattern allows for me to make something comfortable and cute. I also like the way this pattern drapes away from the body rather than hugging it. It gives it a real easy feel.

I definitely plan to make more and look forward to knocking out the last pattern in this collection (Simplicity 8377.)

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