About Me

I was first introduced to sewing in middle school. I took Home Economics and learned to sew a pair of shorts and a stuffed animal. At the time, it was fun but not exciting. Needless to say after Home Economics II, I’d forgotten all about it. Fast forward to 2013, I’m now a mom and a wife and I really needed something for myself. Something that had no pressure and nothing to do with any and every thing else I was already committed to. I had no idea what that “something” was or could be. One day I was on YouTube and a DIY sewing video popped up on my feed. It was Nadira037’s circle skirt tutorial and when it was over, a lightbulb went off. I said to myself, “I’m going to sew!” That night I watched dozens of DIY sewing videos. The next morning, I was so motivated. I was excited I had found my “something!” I immediately dove right into sewing and bought a sewing machine, fabric, notions and a sewing kit.

Let me be honest…the sewing I learned as a teenager did not come rushing back to me. My first few projects sucked. But I was determined. Overtime, all those skills eventually came back to me.  I actually started making garments I could wear out in public.

Today, I’m still learning and I sew whenever I get a chance. My sewing space is my solace. It’s the only room in the house that has little to no traffic. Sewing excites and calms me all at the same time. I love the creativity and artistry of creating my own garments. My goals is to perfect my craft and make professional quality garments.

I’m was born and raised in Houston, Texas. I’m a mother of two awesome kids and wife to an amazing husband. When I’m not sewing, I enjoy cooking with my husband, traveling, spending time with my kids and watching Dallas Cowboys’ football.